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CIMS is a worldwide provider of radiology systems and services.

The Total Solution

Better images provide better patient care
Digital Radiography Systems

From our partners at Konica Minolta and Lodox we offer state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions.

World Class Service & Calibrations

24/7/365 technical support, Radiologist Diagnostic services and x-ray calibration, certification and system repair services.

Disaster Recovery Archiving

Rest assured. Your patients images are secured on dependable cloud solutions.

Professional X-Ray Training Services

CIMS is offering a NEW Video Conferencing technical x-ray training modules for sites that do not have a Registered x-ray Technologist to take images.


Imaging Systems

Better images provide better patient care

Delivering powerful and robust digital radiography solutions that meet the versatile needs of today’s imaging providers.


High-speed, full-body imaging assists the forensic pathologist by reducing the time taken to complete autopsy examinations.


300,000+ scans without Image degradation. Grow your practice with MicroPACS Internal Storage.


Video Conferencing technical x-ray training modules

CIMS is offering a NEW Video Conferencing technical x-ray training modules for sites that do not have a Registered x-ray Technologist to take images. CIMS employees a US board certified Registered Technologist for face to face or video recorded training on the use of safe exposures, best patient positioning and technique settings to maximise quality of your X-ray imaging. We even offer US board certified Radiologist for professional reports. Included in these services we offer a 24/7/365 assistance support call center. If your doctors want to speak to the reading Radiologist we can offer this service.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our facility recently made purchases through CIMS and I was extremely pleased with the entire process. The support from the sales team to me and to our staff has been excellent. They are prompt in answering questions and very interested in finding the right solution for our need.

Since taking acceptance of the product they have continued to support us by checking in not only with me but with the Managers and staff that utilize the equipment on a daily basis; they are currently involved in a project that will help us show quality improvement within our department as well.

I have recommended them to at least three other physician practices and they have been quick to respond. Integrity is very important in all aspects of life and particularly in business relationships. CIMS has proven to be a business partner of integrity.

Words just can’t describe how happy my technologists are with our  Wireless Retrofit kit for the GE portable . I never thought I would say “ I wish I had not spent the money on the two GE definium 700’s and just put the money in converting all of my GE-AMX4 portables to the CIMS digital” !! As you know we are waiting on our second one to be converted and I plan to convert a third one.

With regards to you as my sales rep, I couldn’t ask for anyone with more experience and knowledge about their product and the support that we have received after the sale has been incredible. I strongly recommend to all radiology managers to listen to the CIMS sales pitch and I wouldn’t hesitate to say that they would make the right decision and have their existing portables converted to the CIMS digital portable.
The imaging plate doesn’t weigh much more than a CR cassette….and comparing it to the GE defimium’s imaging plate is actually NO COMPARISION!!! The definium’s is at least twice as heavy as the CIMS plate and this makes it very difficult for one technologist to easily perform portable exams. With the CIMS portable conversion, one technologist can easily go out and perform portable exams without any problems. In a nutshell---TRY THIS PRODUCT!!! YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY!!.

Gary Coley Birmingham VAMC