Digital Radiography Solutions That Meet Versatile Needs

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas

From fixed room to portable units, AeroDR® delivers unique solutions that increase economic value through high uptime and increased productivity. With superb image quality, advanced imaging tools and greater dose efficiency, the AeroDR enhances clinical confidence and patient satisfaction.

Digital Radiography

Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas delivers powerful and robust digital radiography solutions that meet the versatile needs of today’s imaging providers. From fixed room to portable units, AeroDR® delivers unique solutions that increase economic value through high uptime and increased productivity. With superb image quality, advanced imaging tools and greater dose efficiency, the AeroDR enhances clinical confidence and patient satisfaction.

AeroDR® HD Flat Panel Detector

The Konica Minolta AeroDR® HD Flat Panel Detector provides extremely high-definition radiographic imaging with the same recommended dose, housed in a lightweight, durable and highly water-resistant enclosure. AeroDR HD is equally suitable for use on the tray table, in the ER or as part of a tabletop or cross-table exam, equipping you with more visual information to make faster, better patient decisions.

AeroDR® XE

AeroDR® XE is the simple, reliable, robust wireless DR solution for the most extreme environments. AeroDR XE is for healthcare providers that need to image patients outside of the radiography department under extreme physical and environmental conditions like ER/Trauma, ICU/CCU or at the patient’s bedside. Robust by design, the AeroDR XE delivers unparalleled reliability and high-capacity imaging.

AeroDR® LT

AeroDR® LT delivers more than a fast, high quality image in a wireless digital flat panel. It provides unparalleled versatility to address all your Primary Imaging needs. This next generation wireless detector is robust and water resistant for reliable high capacity imaging to help maximize outcomes in productivity, patient satisfaction and return on investment.


AeroDR® is the easiest way to achieve digital workflow. Preserve your investment and maintain economic value in existing radiography rooms with the AeroDR detector that fits existing equipment. Gain the clinical confidence you need for patient care decisions with the fast, high-quality and reliable AeroDR!

AeroDR® Retrofit Portable Solution

The lightweight and cable free operation of the AeroDR® wireless digital flat panel detector system allows for easy patient and image detector positioning while reducing patient discomfort and stress during portable procedures. The AeroDR portable imaging console allows for the ability to QC the X-ray to determine if re-exposure is needed prior to leaving the patient’s side.

KDR™ Advanced U-Arm System

The compact, efficient KDR™ Advanced U-Arm (AU) System from Konica Minolta Healthcare features an array of advanced design innovations to optimize workflow, increase staff efficiency and improve outcome expediting the diagnostic process and elevating the patient experience. That makes it an excellent option for all settings.


Advantages of the Ultra U-Arm DR include superior image quality, with greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure. The integrated system of generator console with the workstation in a single unit improves productivity and decreases the chance of operator error. With image display within 3 seconds of exposure, the DR enables high-throughput performance, enhancing practice workflow.


The Straight Arm DR offers an advanced digital X-ray solution in an efficient and compact design. The system features a 17” x 17” detector for superior image quality. It allows for all imaging views, including wheelchair and table work for maximum patient flexibility.


The Weight Bearing Stand (WBS) is a unique tool built specifically for the U-Arm DR System. The WBS allows for patient positioning that would otherwise be impossible with DR technology.


The Dual Detector DR is an integrated system for all conventional radiographic applications in combination with a high-frequency generator, radiographic table, and wall bucky. The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and ease of use and can be configured to your clinical needs.


The new OTC room offers an advanced radiology room complete with overhead tube crane (OTC), elevating table, and the small footprint upright stand. The room features extremely high throughput and is extremely versatile handling all your radiology needs.

AeroDR® Auto-Stitching System

The unique AeroDR® Auto-Stitching system works with the AeroDR flat panel detector to provide high image quality and excellent workflow–and is applicable to any X-ray system. In general, existing Digital Radiography stitching processes require the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. However, using the AeroDR Auto-Stitching System enables studies to be performed in significantly less time due to the automatic movement of the detector and specialized slit combination.

ImagePilot® Aero

For facilities with continuous, high volume imaging, the ImagePilot® Aero is an innovative wireless Digital Radiography imaging solution that provides superlative image quality, X-ray dose efficiency, and significantly increased productivity all while assisting with long term cost management.

ImagePilot® Aero for Orthopedic Clinics

ImagePilot® Aero for Orthopedic Clinics is a simple and trouble free wireless DR solution that provides the performance and exam flexibility required by busy orthopedic clinics.

Only ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics combines advanced orthopedic imaging, scalable workflow, and the lightest, most durable AeroDR panel with five-year Total Cost of Ownership plans for a truly financially intelligent solution.

The ViZion + DR Mobile

The ViZion + DR Mobile is ideal for the mobile imaging market. The advanced panel technology can offer mobile users significantly enhanced image quality and speed compared to currently available mobile CR solutions. The panel is available in both Cesium and Gadolinium technology and is available as a retrofit solution to your current mobile X-ray system or with a new X-ray system.

The ViZion™ + DR Wireless Panel

The ViZion™ + DR Wireless Panel is available in Gadolinium and Cesium technology. It provides exceptional image quality and is paired with advanced acquire software for optimal functionality.


20/20 Imaging, a Konica Minolta Company encompasses both the traditional analog concepts with the latest digital technology. We introduced a new line of Direct Radiography (DR) solutions specially designed for the podiatrist and our advanced Opal-Chiro toolset and simple retrofit kit is extremely valuable for the chiropractic market.


AeroRemote™ is a cloud-based, real-time monitoring service for AeroDR® Systems that detects and reports critical and ongoing performance issues. AeroRemote allows you to act on urgent situations immediately and address potential system or user issues before they become problems.

Blue Moon for AeroDR®

Blue Moon for AeroDR® goes beyond typical warranty and equipment servicing with ongoing support—both on-site and remote—technical assistance and applications training, so you can minimize downtime, maximize productivity and eliminate risk throughout the AeroDR product lifecycle. Whether you choose Blue Moon Elite, Select, or Basic, there’s a right-sized plan to meet your needs.

Blue Moon for Integrated DR Systems

Blue Moon for Integrated DR Systems — A comprehensive Lifecycle Solution designed to minimize downtime, maximize productivity,and eliminate risk throughout the lifetime of your Konica Minolta Integrated DR System.