Cims 360: Digital X-ray imaging solutions for the medical market worldwide.
CIMS is always exploring new developments in the medical market. Check back often to stay current with important events in the digital imaging community.
Improve your image quality today.
Contact CIMS about our recalibration and PM services. Image quality can suffer drastically if your CR unit was not calibrated correctly or has not been serviced recently. CIMS offers Service Contracts and Preventitive Maintenance Programs that will improve your CR unit's lifespam and performance. If you are interested CIMS technical services, please contact our team.

Iraq Ministry of Health Utilizes CIMS for CR Deployment.
CIMS has been working with a US company to outfit mobile medical centers for the Iraq Ministry of Health. Over a dozen custom built trucks have been outfitted with x-ray tables, generators, and CIMS supported CR and thermal printing units. These trucks will assist with the extreme medical needs in rural Iraq. CIMS consulted on the deployment of the x-ray equipment and electrical systems for these trucks, as well as the digital imaging and communications components. Formal press releases should be allowed in the upcomming months.

More Cruise Lines Choose CIMS for their Teleradiology Solution.
CIMS has deployed teleradiology systems on such major cruise lines as P&O Princess Cruises International, Carnival Cruises, and Cunard Cruise Lines. CIMS has a highly developed and integrated program for remote facilities, both stationary and mobile. CIMS programs allow for remote archiving of patient data, as well as routing services for remote radiology coverage. Medical personnel in remote regions can have instant access to specialists for diagnostic consultations. CIMS has partnered with UTMB to provide the absolute best in 24/7 radiology coverage.

CIMS Donates Digital X-Ray Unit to FEMA for Hurricane Rita Relief.
09/28/05 - CIMS receives a call from FEMA FL-5 D.M.A.T medical leader requesting the use of a CR unit. At 11:00am on the following day CIMS delivered, calibrated, and installed a NEW Orex CR unit in the FEMA hospital trauma tent. The FEMA team consisted of dedicated civilians from South Florida who mostly work in the public sector. They have very limited financial resources and depend highly on donations. It was an honor to assist this outstanding group of people with this task.


CIMS obatins Texas HUB Certification.
CIMS is classified in Texas as a Historically Underutilized Business. This classification will allow CIMS to bid on special projects with the city, county, and state. With this certification, CIMS can save your facility additional dollars.

CIMS adds Kodak CR to portfolio.
CIMS is proud to now represend Kodak's full line of CR products. Kodak CR units are known industry wide for producing remarkable images with incredible speed. CIMS recommends the Kodak CR line for sites with high volume. "High Volume" sites commonly occur in two forms. The first "high volume" site is one that does a large number of studies every day. The second "high volume" site is occurring more and more in today's market, specifically in the case of Orthopedic Surgery Clinics and Sports Medicine Centers. Sites that are not open every day of the week often see increased workloads during clinic hours, and benefit from faster CR units.

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