Cims 360: Digital X-ray imaging solutions for the medical market worldwide.

Our Mission is to provide state of the art digital Imaging technology to the medical community while focusing on the individual needs of each organization. 

In carrying out that objective certain qualities of our company must be evident:

COMMITMENT to our customers.

INTEGRETY to make ethical decisions.

MOTIVATION to do the best of our ability.

SERVICE that is second to none. 

Pre-Owned and Refurbished CR Available
Low volume facilities can realize a great cost savings by purchasing pre-owned and refurbished equipment. CIMS offers warranties on all used equiment so you can be confident in the reliability of your purchase.

CIMS Appreciates Your Specific Needs
CIMS takes a hands-on approach to system engineering. We do not have "cookie cutter" or "one-size fits all" programs. We represent multiple manufacturers for every product we sell. CIMS will not push one vendor's product 100% of the time because no one product is absolute. CIMS will determine exactly what you need today, and what you will need in the future. CIMS will simplify the process and save you important dollars.

Our Philosophy: Why buy an 18 wheeler when a SUV will meet your needs?

Know the Destination Before You Start the Journey!
It is extremely important to think about what your digital needs will be in the future. This information is crucial to prevent you from wasting your important dollars on a quick-fix purchase today. How will you transition to digital, and how will you make sure your facility does not fall behind in 12 months? Going digital is a major undertaking. Even upgrading existing deployments can be daunting. The problem is that you do not want to buy something today, and then find out that you need something else 12 months down the road. CIMS will ask the questions that are important to prevent this problem from happening to you.

"Best in Class" Performance has voted CIMS "Best in Class" for service & support. CIMS Sales and Support Teams provide our clients rapid and effective results every time. CIMS Sales Team is involved in the planning stage to ensure that your purchase fits your needs like a custom-tailored suit. CIMS Support Team will be available for all technical issues 24/7. Clients have access to CIMS 877 number for technical support. This number will hunt through the support staff ensuring that clients never have to leave a message. If for any reason the support staff does not answer your call, our automated escalation procedure will contact management immediately.

Single Point of Contact
CIMS maintains certified staff on all products we sell. We eliminate the "finger pointing" that often occurs between vendors by employing high-level technicians. Our staff has advanced knowledge of PACS, archiving solutions, internet and networking connections, servers, and VPN tunnels. CIMS will ensure that your facility has impeccable uptime, guaranteed.

Disaster Revocery Archiving
CIMS maintains a completely redundant, multi-site archive system. Facilities all around the globe send their data to CIMS for disaster archiving. We offer several pricing plans to fit your facility's needs. CIMS eliminates the risk of losing your data by auditing your studies monthly and backing up our own facilities onto offsite optical media.

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